Volunteering plays vital role in quality worth additions and enriching structure experience in any social organization- transferal in growth, skilled maturity and resources. However, it's additionally a two-way traffic within the sense that it additionally provides volunteers with distinctive opportunity- interface with earthy realities- that helps gain maturity as person and as skilled.
Al-Khair India Foundation has been privileged with services of Volunteers from totally different outfits- College/Universities (national and international), skilled establishments in addition as company that have considerably helped Al-Khair India Foundation grow and mature as a stable NGO. Their contribution has not solely been through their valuable time and efforts however additionally their artistic views, suggestions and feedbacks have well-tried terribly useful to Al-Khair India Foundation in achieving its vision and objectives.
Al-khair India Foundation not solely engages these volunteers in social service however additionally focuses on sensitizing them towards the present social problems associated its operating methodology so they become an quality of tomorrow instead of a second bubble with myopic social issues.
Volunteering has been supply of strength and inspirations is mirrored by the very fact that Al-Khair India Foundation, not like others, isn't recognized by one face, founder or a trust, however is delineated by a faction of volunteers whose consistent dedication and fervor has helped in creating the Al- Khair India Foundation into what it's nowadays. However, Al-Khair India Foundation journey continues and there are still several milestones to be achieved. If you're interested to become a volunteer with our organization, send your application