Vacational Traning Programme

Vocational training helps kids learn specialized skills, which may later become a supply of sustenance for them. It helps creating them assured and self-sustaining. Today, economic process and conversion has created it necessary for everybody to grasp laptop skills; proficiency in English has become essential for competitive jobs. Organizing these wants, Al-Khair India Foundation has introduced education Program in laptop Learning, Spoken English. Coaching in different vocation skills includes Dramas & Theatre, Art and Craft and Islamic Library.

Computer Learning Programme

Computer learning program is Associate in Nursing extension of the ‘Habitat Learning Center’ of Asian nation surround Centre. Student’s area unit schooled basics of computers like MS-Word, Notepad, Excel, PowerPoint, Internet and alternative pc skills (using code package for processed accounting). Coaching is provided by qualified college on roll. Kids are helped in obtaining employment.

Drama and theatre

You study contemporary performance practice and theatres of the past in an outstanding platform. You develop the skills, knowledge and creative vision needed for a career in professional theatre, other creative and media industries or related fields such as education, publishing and beyond. Come to AL-KHAIR INDIA FOUNDATION if you want to shape the theatre and

Art,Craft and Dance

At AL-KHAIR INDIA FOUNDATION of Art and Craft , we believe that to excel as artists and makers, students need a nurturing and challenging environment. That’s why we cultivate a personalized, student-centered culture, with an emphasis on mentor-based learning.